Tumbled Rocks – First Try

Before – rough – hand picked – neighborhood rocks

Two months later – rounder – smoother – neighborhood rocks


4 Responses to “Tumbled Rocks – First Try”

  1. merewoman Says:

    How do you do this, EllieVellie?

  2. Elena Hershey Says:

    Nice collection of rocks

  3. ellievellie Says:

    Thank you, Elena and merewoman, and Happy Mother’s Day!

    I bought myself a tumbler. The brand is Lortone. It costs as much as 3 video games my kids are wasting their time with. The rocks are from the neighborhood. The results are better (less cracks and more shine) if you buy rocks that are professionally chosen, but I find pleasure in hunting for them. Here in Raleigh we have a lot of mica so there is shiny stuff inside the quartz. I can’t name the rocks yet, but I am working on it. My second batch is tumbling as we speak. I am trying to avoid mistakes I did the first time, but I catch myself being human – can’t resist doing the same missteps again. Patience is the main requirement in the process and it is not my strongest virtue.

  4. merewoman Says:

    It must be so satisfying turning something that looks pretty ordinary into something so pretty. What a fun hobby! Here we mostly have great bit knobbly lumps of flint, I don’t think they would turn out very well, and would probably break the machine! You have some really lovely results, Ellievellie. 🙂

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