Snow on the Porch

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12 Responses to “Snow on the Porch”

  1. Vogon Poet Says:

    A study on the pattern of falling snow and an amazing image.

  2. Greensboro Daily Pho Says:

    Would taste great with some Bulgarian cheese bread and Bulgarian cherry juice!


  3. Dragonstar Says:

    Hard lines and soft snow. Nicely framed.

  4. Dagrun Says:

    So simple and so great!

  5. Quasi Serendipita Says:


  6. RuneE Says:

    I liked that one – simple and with fine textures.

  7. Regina Says:

    Simply beautiful!

  8. chiewilk Says:

    awesome shot…!

    mine is here

  9. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    Pretty and wow it’s covered!!

  10. Julie Says:

    Oh, yes! Oh, yes, indeed!!
    Such a subtle study in texture and stunnng coverage of the scale.

  11. zem Says:

    You have proven that there is beauty in simplicity everywhere. We only need to see.

  12. awarewriter Says:

    Great graphic! The texture of the snow is “so very right.” and the counterpoint of the dark spaces between is terrific.

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