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16 Responses to “Neighborhood”

  1. Riet Says:

    What a lovely picture.

  2. Robin from Israel Says:

    Such a pretty street – it looks like a movie set of American suburbia.

  3. Marie Says:


  4. Eileen Says:

    Wonderful sky and photo, perfect for skywatch Friday.

  5. Vogon Poet Says:

    What a contrast with ‘Dark’! Very good colors… Please tell your mom that all my Bulgarian was in those two words!

  6. Ida Says:

    BEAUTIFUL image! 🙂

  7. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    Crisp shot of a very nice neighbourhood!

  8. Japa Says:

    Just perfect Skywatch Friday photo. Neat.

  9. J Bar Says:


  10. luna miranda Says:

    you live in a nice neighborhood.

  11. Hilda Says:

    Looks like you live in a wonderful neighborhood. The house at the end of the road is lovely!

    Happy SWF and happy weekend, Ellie!

  12. Carletta Says:

    Lovely shot!
    What a lovely neighborhood settling down for the night.

  13. Eaglesbrother Says:

    Good capture of the Moon peeking through the clouds in late evening.


  14. Greensboro Daily Pho Says:

    Nice neighborhood shot but stunning sky shot. Love the purple tint of dusk!

  15. robert Says:

    How glad one must be living at such a nice place.
    A wonderful weekend for you.

  16. Arija Says:

    An image of an obviously loved place.

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