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17 Responses to “Magnolia”

  1. Leora Says:

    Theatrical. Man-made greets nature.

  2. bim Says:

    This is very interesting lighting – did you set it?

  3. ellievellie Says:

    Magnolias are always green here, the trees on the background turned yellow – so they give the light background. This is part of my exploration of our school bus stop.

  4. Aileni Says:

    Well composed and lit, Ellie.

  5. Dagrun Says:

    I love this one. Such excellent patterns and contrasts.

  6. Silvia Says:

    Amazing stone arch!

  7. Crafty Green poet Says:

    gorgeous photo, it works very well in monochrome

  8. Pacey Says:

    This is a great shot in mono. Like the passageway that leads us to the view of the tree.

  9. Elisabeth Says:

    Love the use of the arch to frame the foliage. Excellent depth of field and lighting. Very nice capture.

  10. Sistertex Says:

    Beautiful texture and a graceful arch…very nice.

  11. carolynUSA Says:

    This is a beauty! The textures, contrasts and curved lines…gorgeous!

  12. Robin from Israel Says:

    Very nice framing!

  13. Sandy Says:

    Very lovely image!

  14. robert Says:

    Flowers – natures way to smile.

  15. Mona Says:

    Beautiful. Well done!

  16. Daryl Says:


  17. Sandy Says:

    Love it!

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