More Summer Stock Sunday photos here
More Shadow Shot Sunday photos here
More Monochrome Weekly photos here


38 Responses to “Score”

  1. Vogon Poet Says:

    This is really very good as idea and realization: brava!

  2. Hilda Says:

    Awww, sweet! I love how you focused on the shadow and how you kept only the orange of the basketball in the second. Beautiful photos!

  3. Dimple Says:

    Great shots! Have a wonderful weekend…

  4. maryt/theteach Says:

    Wow, ellie, love the shots! Especially the orange basket ball! Great job! šŸ™‚

  5. Martha Says:

    These are great, especially the second one with the actual ball as couterpoint.

  6. Jonny Hamachi Says:

    Very Cool.

  7. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Really great shadow shots! I love them both, and like Martha, I really like the second with the actual ball!

    Have a great day!


  8. Josie Ray Says:

    There’s something so cool and surreal about these. The child’s shadow looks strangely elongated, like a paper doll that you could peel off the pavement and shake out, or even (especially in the first one) like an ancient cave painting. Makes one look twice and ponder.

  9. Robin from Israel Says:

    I LOVE these – so creative! Great job Ellie!!

  10. Sarah S-B Says:

    Fantastic!! well done on capturing such a great shot šŸ™‚

  11. Catherine Says:

    very beautifully atmospheric shots….

  12. Tammie Says:

    These are fantastic shadows, so lively!

  13. Kaye Says:

    very creative and magical, reminds me a bit of peter pan. If you want to wander down my road Iā€™m home.

  14. Leora Says:

    You are getting so playful with your photos! Love the shadow and the basketball in color. Wonderful.

  15. Joyce Says:

    Awesome and love the orange basketball.

  16. Aileni Says:

    That is really well caught.

  17. Miranda Says:

    Oh I love, love, love this. The shadows are great!

  18. marcela & Clara Says:

    Loved the second one! The orange was totally unexpected! Great!

  19. John Says:

    It worked well, I like the top one best.

  20. Victor Says:

    Very nice, especially the top photo. Well done.

  21. Gry Says:

    Very creative especially the first one

  22. storyteller Says:

    Wonderful ACTION shadows ;–)
    My favorite is the first today. I shared Plumeria shadows at Happily Retired Gal and ‘doggy shadows’ at Small Reflections this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Sistertex Says:

    Fantastic play!

  24. Anna Says:

    Truly gorgeous action shadows Ellie!
    I LOVE the first one – beautiful šŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

  25. liz Says:

    Lovely shots. i like the first one best.

  26. Jane (Scrappy-Gram) Says:

    Awesome action shots and shadows–the second is my favorite with the surprise splash of the ball’s orange.

  27. dianne Says:

    incredible shots!!

  28. Julia Smith Says:

    Wow – those are fantastic!

  29. Mama Pajama Says:

    Hmm, interesting shots. I like the surprise of the orange ball in the second one. Had a great Summer, hope to see you around!

  30. moorebloglife Says:

    Love the second shot too cool and very summery!

    Please see mine here

  31. The Summer Kitchen Girls Says:

    Awesome shadows!
    Karla & Karrie

  32. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    You are getting as talented with your photoshopping as the young man is with his basketball playing. Such a sweet photo.

  33. Regina Says:

    Wow. Nice!

  34. Daryl Says:

    Nicely done … both times

  35. Chie Says:

    This is how awesome shot, I ever seen for long.

    AM loving the strong shadow that sunshine really invites you this day.
    Hope everybody enjoyed…


  36. Jientje Says:

    Those are AWESOME shadow shots!! VERY well done Ellie!

  37. Gwendolyn Says:

    These are really creative. Nice use of color and monotone. I like these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Blue Says:

    As a fan of shadow shots, love your first image!

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