Caught in a Net



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14 Responses to “Caught in a Net”

  1. Dimple Says:

    How discouraging! Hope he still likes soccer!

  2. ellievellie Says:

    He had fun with it – does not give up easy 🙂 I was the goalie – so I enjoyed the break 🙂

  3. nadine1111 Says:

    prosto pravia edin opit.snimkata e hubava.

  4. bim Says:

    HiHi – great series!

  5. Robin from Israel Says:


    Glad he was able to extricate himself eventually.

  6. ilanadavita Says:

    These are nice photos.

  7. Jientje Says:

    Aaaah, cute!!! Love this!

  8. Leora Says:

    You told a fun story.

  9. Joyce Says:

    I bet he will now look at a spiders web with a whole other view. So cute!

  10. maryt/theteach Says:

    Ellie, this is hilarious! What a funny series of photo! The best! LOL! 🙂

  11. James Says:

    In fishing termsl he looks like a keeper. 🙂

  12. Vogon Poet Says:

    This is a funny sequence, I hope he still likes soccer…

  13. melli Says:

    But did he SAVE the goal? That’s the important part!

  14. Prospero Says:

    I like the title.

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