Under Foreign Sky


Giraffes enjoy the North Carolina Summer at the Asheboro Zoo.


6 Responses to “Under Foreign Sky”

  1. Robin from Israel Says:

    How fun, I love giraffes :).

  2. Prospero Says:

    Nice back yard, Ellie. Though most people are satisfied with getting a cat or a dog.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Been perusing your blog…you’ve some very nice pics here. I’ll return for sure for my daily dose…

  4. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    Giraffes are such gorgeous creatures, aren’t they? Nice shots!

  5. Sean Says:

    I wonder if they realise they are not at home… not sure about zoos but wouldnt want to see them go either…. mmmm!

  6. Baron's Life Says:

    It is very well composed…both pics..

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