Ruby Tuesday


Hope this sunburn will qualify 🙂 It is actually the result of playing tag – he was serious about it!

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11 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. Leora Says:

    Ouch! I hope he is as good spirts the day after the sunburn. I bet he had a good time, though.

    The flower photo is wonderful: love the sky, the fence, the flowers, the climbing, the greens.

  2. Ralph Says:

    Only flowers and berries can tolerate and enjoy massive amounts of sun. Hope the little guy can stay out of the sun long enough for the burn to heal…let’s all hope for no peeling!

  3. Carletta Says:

    Pretty flowers but that cute little face is the best!!! 🙂

  4. luna miranda Says:

    ouch! sunburn is painful…little boys don’t mind the pain as long they’re happy with their games. but i hope he’d put some sunblock on.

    love the riot of red flowers!

  5. Martha Says:

    I hope his sunburn is feeling better. Maybe next time a game of night tag?

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. Robin from Israel Says:

    Ouch. Poor guy. Do you have any after-sun stuff to put on it to soothe the skin?

  7. dianne Says:

    aloe, lots and lots of aloe

    what a sweet handsome face

  8. Marites Says:

    pretty red flowers! woah..that sure could get itchy and hot. hope he’s got something soothing on. my RT is up too.

  9. Miranda Says:

    Nice flowers! Ohh my, the poor kid. What a cutey though 😉

  10. Jientje Says:

    What a cute face he has! It qualifies!

  11. Baron's Life Says:

    Ouch that must’ve hurt

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