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19 Responses to “Dizzy”

  1. Robin from Israel Says:

    Goodness, that does make me quite dizzy!

  2. Carver Says:

    That’s a very artistic shot. Thanks for visiting mine and yes it was water I shot.

  3. Dina...UK Says:

    Perfect title…lol
    Great capture…..

  4. Baron' Life Says:

    I’ve been away for a while…sorry for not being able to drop by your place, but I will be reading and commenting on each one of your posts soon.
    take care…ps: very nice shot

  5. Anna Says:

    Very artistic!! And I LOVE it!!! LOUD! 🙂

  6. maryt/theteach Says:

    That’s the truth, ellie! 🙂

  7. babooshka Says:


  8. Aileni Says:

    And I was just coming out of a dizzy spell…:)

  9. ellievellie Says:

    Welcome back, Baron! Thank you for all your wonderful comments! It was a great fun reading the avalanche of nice words you left for me!

  10. Starnitesky Says:

    A striking image!

  11. bim Says:

    Wow, like an evil dream 🙂

  12. Jan Says:

    That’s an amazing shot. Wonderful.

  13. ellievellie Says:

    This is Sears tower in Chicago – I took the picture in 2001 it is in color on film with very poor quality -I like the place , but I had to find an excuse to publish the photo – so I wiggled it a little 🙂

  14. Clueless in Boston Says:

    Cool effect.

  15. Regina Says:

    Nice angle.

  16. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    The wavy effects on the building add so much visual interest. I see this is Chicago. Didn’t think it was Raleigh! I like what bim says, “like an evil dream.”

  17. Daryl Says:

    Funhouse effect .. nice

  18. Carletta Says:

    Reminds me of an earthquake image!
    Nicely done!

  19. Dan Says:

    Great capture;-)

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