6 Responses to “Somewhere”

  1. Thorne Says:

    Wow. What did you do to this? It looks like an Impressionist painting. I like the way the pinkish heart shaped leaves ahve more definition than the rest. VERY cool!

  2. Prospero Says:

    Somewhere indeed, Ellie.

    Did I tell you how much I like your header photo?

  3. ellievellie Says:

    I posted the same picture in monochrome two weeks ago. There is something about it that I can’t get – I keep coming back to it – and keep trying – may be one day I will get it right! The original is in green all over – I want to put color on it – I wish I knew something about coloring…
    I like my header very much – it is a place in the town where I was born – looking at it gives me peace…

  4. maryt/theteach Says:

    True art, ellie! Love it! 🙂

  5. Baron' Life Says:

    I just love this one Ellie…you can probably sell it…

  6. merewoman Says:

    That is SO beautiful. What a clever lady you are. And your blog header is the prettiest I have ever seen. Bravo, Ellievellie. 🙂

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