Water and Mud

There must be something really fascinating about all this mud since the kids played in it for two hours. The sticks are actually a part of the root system of the tree that kept us shadow in the hot day.
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20 Responses to “Water and Mud”

  1. Tranquility Says:

    What a fun photo. How interesting that the roots are so exposed.

  2. J Bar Says:

    That’s a good one.

  3. Guy D Says:

    How cool is that……great shot.

    Regina In Pictures

  4. Carletta Says:

    So, the sticks are actually attached – awesome!

    Who doesn’t like the squish of mud between their toes. 🙂

  5. tapirgal Says:

    When I saw your title, I knew it would be fun. I loved playing in mud as a kid, and you have captured such a pleasant scene here! I love the tree roots and the feet. The bright reflection on the water balances everything perfectly. This is a great photo!

  6. Aileni Says:

    Looks quite clean mud… and if not, worth it for two hours of peace.

  7. Laughing Orca Ranch Says:

    Wow! I like this. If it weren’t for the feet, it would look like a canyon. Great photo!


  8. Arija Says:

    Water, mud and children are an inseperable combination. So much better than playing computer games!

  9. Prospero Says:

    The sticks look like bridges across a waterway. Mud is one of the greatest games invented.

  10. Martha Says:

    Looks fun. My 12 year old still likes to play with mud, water, etc!

  11. Regina Says:

    Great shot.

  12. Hilda Says:

    Mud and water, sand and water, even water alone! 😉

  13. Arlene Says:

    kids love waters so i guess that explains. but i hope that the water in there is not contaminated with unclean water. 🙂

    happy WW!

  14. ellievellie Says:

    It is a clean water – there is a push a button that starts it – there was always a kid pushing that button – I am glad I don’t have to pay that water bill 🙂

  15. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    Most kids love mud. It’s sooo much fun. 😉

  16. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    It’s amazing what entertains kids but I must say I might have been entertained with this too but with my camera. 🙂

  17. bim Says:

    A push button that starts it? Is it part of a playground?

  18. ellievellie Says:

    Yes, it is a part of a playground. The idea is probably to wash you feet after playing in a sand – but the kids a constantly digging there 🙂

  19. Jientje Says:

    There is nothing like it.

    When you’re a kid, that is!

  20. Baron' Life Says:

    I have to agree with you…mud’s always fascinating…from earth to earth…!

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