Ruby Tuesday


The second picture has a little hidden ruby that made its way on the image 🙂
More Ruby Tuesday Pics hererubyslippers_copy


16 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. James Says:

    Very nice, and I noticed the reflection in the window right away.

  2. Jim Says:

    Very nice, Ellie! Yes, us Jim’s can find red pretty quickly. I saw it right away also. This bottom one is a pretty picture, well composed with nice balancing colors. I suppose I like the flower the better though.
    Happy RT! 🙂

  3. Ralph Says:

    I noticed the red by the window, but am not sure if if is a bird feeder or what – RT allows for a lot pr little red, so this qualifies! The flower is beautiful anf a great RT capture!

  4. Ellie Says:

    It is a red pickup truck – those things are bold! Can’t go unnoticed 🙂


    Jolie photo

  6. Snowbird Says:

    I must admit I wouldn’t have seen the red if you hadn’t told me. I love the bright red flowers!

  7. Elaine Ling Says:

    I like the second shot with a little red 🙂

  8. Mary Says:

    Your image of the flower is beautiful and even my untrained eye caught the reflection in the window. Have a wonderful day.

  9. srp Says:

    I have a wine red dwarf lily and I just love the deep color… the yellows and oranges are plentiful but those dark red ones… they are special.

  10. ilanadavita Says:

    Three well-chosen shots for this meme. I too spotted the red in the middle one.

  11. Nukke Says:

    So wonderful Lilies !!!!! Have a nice day !

  12. Robin from Israel Says:

    Beautiful bright colors :).

  13. maryt/theteach Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, ellie! An excellent RED flower photo! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  14. Norm Says:

    love those gorgeous flowers, nice colors, thanks for the visit…

  15. Carletta Says:

    Love the lily!
    That shot of the pickup is just too cool – very clever!!

  16. Baron' Life Says:

    the reflecyions on the window is very well captured.

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