Morning Coffee

The good old coffee maker gave up on us – so this is how my husband made the life saving liquid until we got the new machine.


7 Responses to “Morning Coffee”

  1. maryt/theteach Says:

    thank goodness you kept that coffee maker… A morning without coffee, GAK!

  2. ellievellie Says:

    Yep! Kept my husband for 13 years in case my coffee machine breaks – was worth it 🙂

  3. bettyl Says:

    Now,that’s how it would be around our house!

    Except for the fact that ground coffee is so expensive and gives Hubby heartburn (?), I prefer ‘filter coffee’ (as it’s known here ‘REAL COFFEE’ in my book!). But, alas, it’s instant for us.

  4. Leora Says:

    I have a friend who swears by this method all the time (she has a little black plastic funnel for under the filter). I am a french coffee press fan. Ground beans almost every day for me.

  5. Jientje Says:

    This picture reminded me of Summer Camp when I was a young girl. The boys made coffee in the cups of a bikini they stole from one of the girls. They were able to make two pots at the same time! ROFL!

  6. Baron' Life Says:

    I love your sense of humor on having kept your husband for 13 years in case the machine broke down….ur so very funny

  7. ellievellie Says:

    Thank you, Baron, I knew you would appreciate this joke 🙂

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