Beach Volley

Honestly I looked too, but that girl had the best seat 🙂


11 Responses to “Beach Volley”

  1. Mojo Says:

    Doesn’t look like a very comfortable seat though! Great choice for Summer Stock!

  2. melli Says:

    I’ll say! Probably NOT as comfortable as some — but you can’t beat the view!

  3. phyllis Says:

    looks like a great view:-)

  4. kaye Says:

    that is a sure sign of summer! thanks for stopping by.

  5. Carletta Says:

    Great perspective !
    Volleyball was one of my favorite activities at 4-H camp in the summer.

  6. bim Says:

    But the stones look wet!

  7. Jessica The Rock Chick Says:

    Oh, I love watching volleyball on the beach or anywhere else! I’m terrible at the game, I always want to duck when the ball comes flying at me. I’m a much better spectator than an athlete! LOL That may not be the most comfortable seating, but I doubt there’s a better view 😉

  8. Julia Smith Says:

    I love the foreground / background of this photo. Lots going on.

  9. maryt/theteach Says:

    haven’t played beach volley ball in a looong time, Ellie! Great shot though! 🙂

  10. sunnymama Says:

    This is a great summery picture! Looks fun 🙂

  11. Baron' Life Says:

    OK this is cool

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