8 Responses to “Thirsty”

  1. Hilda Says:

    This made me smile. Wonderful capture!

  2. ellievellie Says:

    Must be a girl cardinal because it spent some time looking at her reflection 🙂

  3. srp Says:

    Was it that red? Then it probably is a male… but then, I think the males of the species… even human … spend much more time looking at themselves in mirrors… they just try to do it on the sly! ; )

  4. Shaun Says:

    Made me smile too…. nice! Ellie your comment made me smile more…

  5. ellievellie Says:

    It was that red – I thought all cardinals are that red – but what do I know – may be I’ve only seen male cardinals 🙂

  6. Leora Says:

    I think when it comes to birds the males act like that, narcissistic and looking at themselves. Does he match the knob on the waterfountain?

  7. ellievellie Says:

    The red spot is the reflection of the bird in the water fountain. The weird thing about it – it looks like a cardinal’s head.

  8. Baron' Life Says:


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