9 Responses to “Swing”

  1. bettyl Says:

    That’s quite an interesting shot! Very cool.

  2. Robin Says:

    I love this! Great use of perspective, and the blown highlights give it a real otherworldly feel.

  3. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    What an interesting shot. I like the line the swings make. Perfect lines.

  4. Daryl Says:

    Some small criticism … there’s not enough contrast .. the swing bottoms are disappearing into the overly light bottom portion of your shot.

  5. ellievellie Says:

    Thanks for the advise! My old cheap camera is broken – the sensors are not working – on a sunny day stuff just diasappears – that happened to the sand – that is why the bottom is overly light – there is nothing there on the image – may be I can paint it or something – put some extra grey 🙂 I’ll try! Don’t expect miracles from me – I don’t know anything about photography – what I am doing is – don’t think – just shoot – kind of fun:)

  6. The Explorer Says:

    I love this….so neat

  7. Thorne Says:

    Killer perspective and the blown out light works, IMO.

  8. ellievellie Says:

    I think this swing looks creepy without the kids on it. More like a torture station with all those chains. It needs the kids to make it look nice

  9. Baron's photos Says:


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