April the Cat

The kitty was chasing a fly. The bug got away because I was a distraction too big. Sorry, April – that is the name of my friend’s cat!


4 Responses to “April the Cat”

  1. Glennis Says:

    Those cats eyes are saying let me out very loudly, that fly screen is not letting the sun in properly, and there are birdies out there to chase! hey its summer time a cats got to feel the shine on her fur.

  2. ellievellie Says:

    I’ll let her rightful owner know 🙂 I used to have a cat long time ago. His lower jaw used to start vibrating on the sight of a bird – caught a dove ones. Scared me – put the dove in a shovel and got rid of it. I’m not ready for commitment yet – no pets in my house – may be later 🙂

  3. prkl Says:

    Cats are so keen to talk to birds anytime they see one. It’s so funny to watch. As a matter of fact, it’s funny to watch cats period. 🙂

  4. Leora Says:

    She’s a sweetheart, I can tell. I can grow quite fond of some cats.

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