My Take on Ruby Tuesday


More Ruby Tuesday red here


18 Responses to “My Take on Ruby Tuesday”

  1. ilanadavita Says:

    Nice how you can only guess what sort of house lies behind those plants!

  2. Martha Says:

    Delightful photo, what a wonderful Ruby Tuesday post. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. ellievellie Says:

    Mystery unveiled – gas station

  4. fellisol Says:

    Hi, ellievellie,
    You have been so industrious.
    So many nice pictures posted in such short time.
    Thank you for visiting. I liked being here too.
    From Felisol

  5. Ralph Says:

    The red roof makes the house easy to find…provided we find ou way out of the massive green foliage, that is!

  6. Carletta Says:

    Someone can say – ‘Mine’s the house with the red roof.’ 🙂
    Nice find for Ruby Tuesday – I like the composition.

  7. Dora Says:

    Ha ha! A “ruby” hidden behind the bushes.

  8. magiceye Says:

    bright and beautiful!
    lovely catch!

  9. Mamapippa Says:

    I’m wondering what the rest of the house looks like …

    Have a nice day !

  10. Elaine Ling Says:

    You’ve captured a great red roof top 🙂
    Like mamapippa I wonder too how does the house look like 🙂

  11. Robin Says:

    That looks much too bright and cheery to be a gas station!

  12. AuntieE Says:

    Love the way you famed the shot! the Red roof Peering out from the Plants. It looks like the house is in the valley.

  13. AuntieE Says:

    Love the way you framed the shot! the Red roof Peering out from the Plants. It looks like the house is in the valley.

  14. ellievellie Says:

    It is a Cit co gas station! I assumed when I took the shot it is the Wendy’s next to it but next time when I went closer I payed more attention – it was the gas station – it looks much gloomier from the ground. I saw the roof couple of weeks ago when kids were trying to figure how to ride a bike on an empty parking lot up the hill from the gas station.

  15. Dianne Says:

    I love how the roof looks peeking out of the rich green

  16. Sue Says:

    Cool photo! I love the top of the roof, just visible through the green. Thanks for sharing.

  17. srp Says:

    They won’t let these kind of roofs be built here in our neighborhood… but we are doing it anyway.. on a small addition and out of copper. Once it ages a few weeks it will blend in with the brick nicely. These are great roofs… last much longer than shingles. I love this red color too. Wouldn’t it look great on an old victorian country farmhouse?

  18. prkl Says:

    Reds and greens goes so well together. Kinda green flag with red star. Happy RT!

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