Real Monochrome Picture

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It is funny story. The year is 2003 and I bought a set of films from Sam’s Club – they had a bonus roll. When I went to pick up the prints – turned out – the bonus roll was monochrome. So I ended up with a bunch of those. Each one of them is precious to me. This is my father and Alex. My Father died soon after the picture was taken. It  has a great value for me.

Here is another one. My father was disappointed when he saw the pictures are black and white, because he wanted to show the beauty of the colors of the spring blooming trees in Appalachia. The only digital handling of these is the scan. No processing

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12 Responses to “Real Monochrome Picture”

  1. Anne Says:

    I have tears in my eyes, supose his pictures meen a lot to you, thinking about your father. A great shot, of to hadsome men :-))

    Love from Anne in Norway.

  2. meredith Says:

    Beautiful souvenirs

  3. Aileni Says:

    Better in B&W than not at all, under the circumstances.
    A great sunny feel to the shots.
    It is good to see genuine film images – welcome to Mono Weekly.

  4. Mojo, NC, USA Says:

    I remember those bonus rolls! I shot a few of those myself.

    I know your dad was disappointed, but really? these images were pretty much made for black and white. Monochrome suits them very well. I guess the colors of the landscape don’t show up, but the joy of the two fellows in the photo shines through regardless.

    Did you say you also live in Raleigh? Some of your shots look familiar. One of them in particular I’d be willing to bet was shot at Pullen Park.

  5. Leora Says:

    Nice to have such sweet memories of your father. And now I purposely take pictures in monochrome! Sometimes. To me, the beauty in these photos is in the smiles.

  6. ellievellie Says:

    Pullen Park – that is true – the “fake” monochrome is shot At Pullen Park last Friday. We used to live in Asheville, NC but my husband transferred to NCSU – so we moved to Raleigh. I like the mountains – except for the driving in the winter 🙂

  7. hip chick Says:

    These are lovely pictures. How nice that you got some good pictures of you dad before he passed away.

  8. Daryl Says:

    Having the memory is really what its all about…

  9. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    Those are so precious. I was actually surprised to find out they weren’t older than 2003. There is nothing like black and white to make a photo timeless.

  10. Dagrun Says:

    I love the last one, the little kid in all the flowers (and I thought they were older than 2003 too, but that’s maybe the scanning…)

  11. ellievellie Says:

    It was a really cheap autofocus camera – that is why there are blurs and sharpies all over the place. My Mom still keeps it. Also they are printed on paper for colored prints since I realized they are black and white only when I got them printed.

  12. liz Says:

    Very special photos.

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