Monochrome Leafy View

This one is fake – I made it mono myself

More Real Monochrome perspectives here


6 Responses to “Monochrome Leafy View”

  1. jabblog Says:

    The ‘bonus’ film must be very precious to you – lots of happy memories. I like your ‘fake’ one too – it’s all to do with tones, after all!

  2. jabblog Says:

    By the way, the Magpie is naturally monochrome with touches of metallic blue.

  3. ellievellie Says:

    Thank you! I didn’t know the birds name. I looked it up – it is black and white – contrast on max – born to be pictured monochrome.

  4. Mojo, NC, USA Says:

    Not fake, just desaturated. If it had been color film printed on black and white paper, you’d have gotten the same results. It’s as real as you want it to be. And a fine image that’s proabbly better in black and white than color (am I right?)

  5. ellievellie Says:

    You are right. The original was a green mess. Nothing was able to save it. In a moment of anger I pulled the saturation thing to the end – and suddenly the leaf appeared and the sun too.

  6. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    I thought you meant the plant was fake. 🙂 Personally, I don’t think it makes it fake, no more so than sharpening or cropping. It’s just an adjustment to the photo to present it in it’s best form or whatever your artsy side feels like. 🙂

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