Deanna’s Humming Birds



13 Responses to “Deanna’s Humming Birds”

  1. FortWorth Says:

    WOW! Is that ever cool!!!!!!!! So you can take bits of photos and put into your “paintings?” What is the name of this program????

    I am still mulling over your comment last night, and I thank you for your openness and honesty. You were a brave girl 🙂 I don’t want to come across as trying to hit you over the head with my Bible . . . lol . . . but I would like to share some thoughts with you. Just never done this “online” before, so am trying to figure out the best way. Like I said, don’t want to come across as trying to whack you with my Bible. I don’t want to be all preach-y or “holier than thou” or anything like that. Or judgmental. Just kind and caring, I hope. Anyway, talk to you later . . . and GREAT PICTURE!

  2. FortWorth Says:

    Ellie, I would like to ask you a question. Why is it that you do not believe there is a God? If you can tell me this, and perhaps what you DO believe, maybe I can kind of get my head around where you are. And please please please do not be offended that I am asking . . . Thanks.

  3. ellievellie Says:

    Hi, Deanna! The kids are using the computer, so I sneaked into my husband’s laptop. The name of the program is GIMP2. It is like Paint, but more modern. I took your humming birds and smudged over the colors. I hope you are not going to sue me.
    I was born in communist country. Many generations there were raised atheist. They thought the kids science and if grandmas or parents tryed to explain religion to the kids they could have gotten in trouble with the government. The ideology was Marxism – according to which religion is just an opium for the masses./remind you about the bitter Americans clinging to their bibles – you are right/. I was baptized at 13 years old – I told you the story about the Nun – she send me and my sister the New Testament. It was an interesting read for me, but I can not believe – nothing in my life or in any book ever made me believe. I see my little one going to church, praying – he believes. I’m not going to deprive my kids of choices – if they find sense in Jesus – it is OK with me. As far as I am concerned – it is only nature around me and when I die – I die.

  4. FortWorth Says:

    Ellie, I am off the blogs for the night, but just had a couple more questions for you. What made you decide you didn’t believe in God? I would like to know how you came to your conclusion, if you can tell me. Also, what is your opinion of how we (and the rest of the world, the universe) came to be here? Not trying to give you the fifth degree (i.e. KGB interrogation!), just trying to understand a little more. Talk to you tomorrow. And I really hope you don’t mind my asking you questions.

    Thanks for the name of that program! I may have to give it a try . . .

  5. ellievellie Says:

    Deanna, it is not something I decided I just never ever believed in God. Grew up atheist. Met people of different religions – they believe in their God or Gods. The Bible for me has the same status as the Koran as the Homer’s Odyssey – just mix of history and myths. I remember the first time the Bible got in my hands – I was 20 years old – started reading and I was expecting to read something beautiful, inspiring – I was shocked – it looked to me as a bunch of stories about Jewish barbarian tribes – weird moral. The commandments are impossible to follow – because they imply that even thinking about sinning is a sin. I respect religion – it is powerful and magical – shaped our culture – powerful force – I am just being honest. I don’t think I am right or any religion is right – nobody knows.

  6. ellievellie Says:

    I don’t know how the world started – if it started – or always been there – I simply don’t know – and nobody knows – scientist seem to me as wrong as the preachers in their stories about the world. They all believe they know – may be some day somebody will find out – so far I believe all theories secular and religious are just storytelling and myths.

  7. FortWorth Says:

    Good morning, Ellie 🙂 I don’t have time to write much this morning, just wanted to say hello before I get out the door for a dental appointment (yuk). I just felt like I really wanted to relate a quick story to you . . . I recently saw a youtube of a well known atheist commenting about a guy who had given him a Bible. The atheist was remarking that he really respected this guy for doing that, and that if Christians truly believe what they say they believe, then why aren’t they ALL our their telling their non-believing friends about God and Christ. He equated it to someone standing on the street corner, watching someone about to get run over by a bus and not warning them or pulling them out of the way. Well, my friend, that youtube really stuck with me and spoke to me. I don’t know if that will make much sense to you or not, but anyway I just felt led to share that with you.

    More later when I have some time to sit and write . . . is there anyway we can do this by email?

    Hope you have a great day, miss ellievellie.

  8. ellievellie Says:

    Funny, I am on my way to the dentist too – with Alex. Talk to you later

  9. FortWorth Says:

    Hope your trip to the dentist was as uneventful as mine . . . I’m good for 6 months now. Hubby not quite as fortunate, probably gonna lose a tooth. I offered to get the pliers and take care of it for him, save $$$$$$. Haha. Now I will just have to nag him daily to get it taken care of before it cause him a SERIOUS problem . . .

    Anyway, hope it goes well at the dentist for you and Alex. I am probably a bigger baby about trips to the dentist than he is . . .

  10. ellievellie Says:

    Alex was brave at the dentist office and he is good til October. It is so easy now that he is bigger – i had hard time to find a dentist for him when he was little. They would admit him and 2 minutes later would release him, because he wouldn’t cooperate. Finally we found a dentist that would let kids wait inside, play and adjust to the office – it took Alex 2 hours the first time to let them do their job. But now he is brave – no problems.
    Deanna I can send you e-mail on the address that you are logged in with – if it OK with you

  11. FortWorth Says:

    Ellie, glad your dentist trip went well! Please feel free to email me at the address I am logged in with. I would love to hear from you! May be easier to talk that way, too.

  12. ellievellie Says:

    Deanna, i sent you g-mail on your address – let me know if you got it or I got something wrong

  13. FortWorth Says:

    Hey Ellie! Got your email, no problem. Thanks! And I sent you a response. Talk to you later!

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