My Last Cigarette


I quit smoking three months ago. Asked my husband to give me electronic cigarette for my birthday. Smoked the e-cigarette for one month lowering the nicotine, then quit smoking altogether. I am not advertising the product – just sharing experiance.


4 Responses to “My Last Cigarette”

  1. Inquiring mind Says:

    You just can’t finish anything can you?

  2. ellievellie Says:

    What do you mean? I quit smoking.

  3. Nana0125 in NC Says:

    What is that product? I would like to quit.

  4. ellievellie Says:

    Electronic cigarette – they are not designed as a quitting device – more like switching, but i used it to help me quit and worked for me. i don’t want to advertise brands – do some research – it is interesting thing – i will always keep it – my last cigarette 🙂

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