svetabelyanskayaHappy New Year, Sveta. I met Svetlana accidently. I was looking on-line for a former classmate in Russia and she has the same name and age. We started writing and it is great to know her. Russian Christmas is January 7 – so the presents under the tree are still coming. Наздоровя!


2 Responses to “С НОВЬIМ ГОДОМ”

  1. AGENT 99 Says:

    ELLIE: Hey there!! Russians are good people. And they are a handsome group..huh?? I LUV the ICONS they make. And the SAMAVORS! And the Russian Tea Sets. I’m glad you got to go Russia!! Hope you found your friend. Thanks.

  2. ellievellie Says:

    I was looking at Russians classmates sites – and Sveta had the same name – so we met on the net. I wish I can visit my friends there – may be next year – those trips are expensive /the airfare/ and I have to buy a warm coat – most of my friends live in Northern Russia – in the taiga forest – better be well dressed to visit there. It was the Russian Christmas yesterday – their church did not adjust the calendar – so the celebrate the birth of Christ on January 7.

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